At the hotel, the guest needs to make use of the same experience of entertainment services during his stay Such as the social networking & the on-demand services.
The surveys show that the quality of WiFi coverage of the mobile devices became one of the key factors in the customer’s satisfaction.

Ankaro carries out a comprehensive project aligned with the trending market’s insights and client’s requirements in the hospitality sector.
The company puts its experience into play for development of telecommunication solutions for the integration of customized television services, the payment’s connection to the internet or to the added value services & audio-visual content, the digital signage, the security systems, the management tools and the energy efficient solutions.

The big challenge is the deployment of advanced optical-Fiber PON multiservice networks to the hotel rooms (FTTR/Fiber to the rooms), combined with power controlled WiFi Access points in the common areas.

Such solutions allow establishments to provide the customized service to their clients as required using the infrastructure that prepared for the implementation of the future’s services.









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