Residential IPTV

Residential IPTV Benefits

The best value-for-money Residential IPTV System in the market offers many opportunities. Check them below.
  • Cloud or On Premises InstallationChoose the option that fits your needs best.
  • Live TVYour guests can enjoy HD and UHD channels in their room.
  • VODVideo on Demand available for your guests in their room.
  • Residential TVBroadcast your channel to your guests in every room.
  • Residential InfoPublish residential information, photos, event and more.
  • Set-Top BoxConnect your guest rooms with the latest Set-Top-Box from Ankaro.
  • Smart TVConnect your guest rooms with Samsung, LG, Philips or other SmartTV.
  • ApplicationsConnect your residencies with iOS or Android Mobile application from Ankaro.